Vishuddha / Throat Chakra

vishuddhaVishuddha means pure or purified.  The Vishuddha throat chakra highly influences our creativity because it relates to our right to be heard and to speak.  It governs our ability to communicate and express ourselves. Practicing awareness of our words, choosing them wisely is a way to help maintain free flowing energy in this centre.  When strong and well balanced you can express your ideas without concern of criticism.

It is the first of the 3 “higher” chakras which are deeply connected to our spirituality and faith, therefore this chakra is also associated with our ability to surrender our will to the divine.

We experience our world from this centre through the vibrations of sound such as music and language. This chakra is related to our respiratory system and our auditory sense, therefore one of the most helpful ways to keep it in balance is to sing!

When in balance a person is a good listener and can clearly communicate his or her ideas. When energy flows freely in this chakra one lives a creative life.

Signs of imbalance:

If chakra energy is in excess a person will be speak using hurtful words and will be a poor listener. Someone who is overly talkative, interrupts frequently and gossips also has an excess of energy in the throat chakra.

One who feels depleted in this chakra fears speaking, has a small, weak voice, is overly shy and has difficulty putting their feelings into words.

  • speak loudly 48" x 72" - $4300 - oil on canvas by Marlene Lowden
    speak loudly 48″ x 72″

    Location – throat

  • Colour – blue
  • Element – ether
  • Purpose – Communication
  • Identity- Creative
  • Mantra – Hum
  • Demon – Lies
  • Related to our auditory sense



How to bring the chakra back into balance?

Sing!  Use your voice. Seek out meaningful conversations.  Listen to your favourite music.  Creative play!

The 6th chakra is the next – Ajna or Third Eye Chakra

Sources?  Follow this link for my list.

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