Svadhisthana / sacral chakra


Svadhisthana means one’s own dwelling place and you feel its energy in your abdomen, genitals, lower back and hips. The Svadhisthana or sacral chakra is healthy when you feel the freedom to experience social, emotional and sexual expression and gratification!

When energy is flowing in this charka you feel unlimited as it is the source of your creative and sexual energy. Water is the element of this chakra and represents the desire to go with the flow and your ability to accept change.

“In our journey from base to crown, the second chakra is the prime mover of energy in the chakra sytstem. As the vital forces begin their journey upward, the soul is carried on the currents of emotion and desire towards growth…. Analogous to the water element of this chakra, we need to be moved by the currents but not drown in them. It is water that makes things grow, move, and change. Water makes life juicy.”
Anodea Judith –  “Eastern Body Western Mind”


The energy of the second chakra connects so strongly with the earth element and nature of our first chakra because to feel freedom, you first need structure. Deeply rooted in what brings you joy and in work that is fulfilling you can expand with confidence, welcoming change and growth.

The energy of this chakra is familiar to all of us who have experienced that deep desire to create something, especially something that seems outlandish, doesn’t make sense to others. It fills us with excitement and keeps us up at night writing, painting, coding or scheming.

It is the birthplace of your creative energy.

When your sacral chakra is healthy you value our own opinion and make decisions without fearing what others think. You are also able to problem solve with ease.

The second chakra connects you to others. It is the epicentre of your feelings, sensations and desires.

When in balance, a person has the ability to experience pleasure and is nurturing to others and themselves. They possess emotional intelligence (not too moody) and they embody grace.

Signs of imbalance:

If this chakra is overly stimulated a person can be manipulating and controlling. They can have excessively strong emotions, (think drama) with poor boundaries around sex, pleasure addiction, and an obsessive nature. Guilt is a demon of the sacral chakra.

If sacral chakra is depleted a person can be rigid, fear change, lack desire or passion, and have poor social skills.

  • Location – Just above the genitals in the lower abs, inline with the sacral plexus
  • Colour – Orange
  • Element – Water
  • Purpose – Movement & Connection
  • Identity – Emotional
  • Mantra – Vam
  • Demon – Guilt
  • Related to sense of taste

How to bring the chakra back into balance?

Hot aromatic baths, massage, pedicures, embracing sensations like different foods, explore new experiences with your senses, fresh flowers in the house, aromatherapy, taking the time to watch a sunrise or sunset, and visiting an art gallery (I did not make this up!)

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