Anahata  /  Heart chakra


Anahata means unhurt or not struck.  The Anahata or heart chakra is naturally all about love, our right to love and be loved.

While our root chakra forms our physical identity, our sacral chakra creates our emotional identity and our solar plexus chakra our ego identity, this chakra, the middle of the 7 is the basis of our social identity.

It is the middle or integrating chakra drawing the opposites of mind & body, male & female and ego & unity together.  It is associated with the element of air, symbolizing equilibrium.  Not only does it support self-acceptance but acceptance of others.

One who has energy freely flowing in the Anahata is compassionate, loving, and peaceful.

Signs of Imbalance:

If chakra is overly stimulated a person can be inappropriately emotionally expressive, be jealous, clingy, and demanding. If this centre is depleted one can be withdrawn, critical, depressed, and show a lack of empathy.

  • Location – centre of the chest, base of the heart
  • Colour – Green
  • Element – Air
  • Purpose – Love & balance
  • Identity – Social
  • Mantra – Yum
  • Demon – Grief
  • Related to sense of touch

How to bring the chakra back into balance?

Take walks in nature, spend time with family and friends, journaling and breathing exercises.

The next Chakra is the Vishuddha or Throat Chakra.

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