Ajna / Third Eye Chakra


Ajna means to command. This energy centre is related to your insight, intuition, psychic abilities and quest for self-reflection.  It is associated with your sense of individuality but knows that you are part of something greater.    When healthy, this chakra allows you to “see the big picture.”

One whose third eye chakra is in balance recognizes unity in diversity, is able to visualize, has a good memory, strong imagination and can think symbolically.

Meditation is one of the strongest tools to keep this energy centre in balance as is star-gazing!

Signs of imbalance:

When energy is low in this centre one lacks imagination, has a poor memory, lives in a state of denial and has trouble seeing the spectrum of world views, often being overly intellectual and analytical.

When this centre is over active, one can be delusional, obsessive, have difficulty concentrating and suffer from nightmares.

the beauty I see 48" x 36" - $2100 - oil on canvas by Marlene Lowden
the beauty I see 48″ x 36″
  • Location – between the eyes, middle of forehead
  • Colour – indigo
  • Element – light
  • Purpose – Intuition
  • Identity – Archetypal
  • Mantra – Aum or Om
  • Demon – Illusion
  • Related to our ability to perceive light, recognize pattern and seek the truth.

How to bring the chakra back into balance?

Mediation, star gazing, colouring and drawing!

Last chakra is the Sahasrara or Crown Chakra.

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