Workshop for Painters: Creating with Confidence!

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When I’m painting, I sometimes feel that the freedom I have to choose colours, the subject and technique can actually be stifling, stop me from starting and make me constantly second guess my decisions! Does any of this sound familiar?

I have found it helpful to create some boundaries before I begin so that I can paint with more confidence. This structure actually gives me more freedom, does that make sense?

In this 2 weekend workshop, I’m going to share all my tips and tricks so that you can create your own personal reference guide to support your art practice.  Having a foundation to lean on will give you greater confidence while you paint.

This workshop is a good fit if this sounds like you:

Help! I don’t know how to start (newbies are totally welcome!)
Motivate me please, my brushes are lonely.
I’m drifting from one painting to the next and I crave some unity.
My paintings feel like someone else painted them (ugh).

This experience is not a good fit if you desire to have a completed piece at the end because we are going to use the time together to experiment and try out different techniques. While I’m primarily an abstract artist, this workshop is open to those who prefer to work in realism too because the same principles apply and how you paint is as important as what you paint.

It is my desire that after the 2 weekends together you will:

      • Have created a colour palette, complete with samples, that you are excited to work with for the foreseeable future.
      • Feel confident with your unique mark making and want to explore with new tools and techniques.
      • Be excited to dive deep into a subject and who knows, you might even create a body of work around it!
      • Know at least 5 different ways to start a painting.
      • Address specific questions with me one on one.
      • Relax into free time to just paint in a supportive environment.
      • Bonus! It will be a small group so you are going to meet some really amazing like-minded people.

I’m so pleased to be offering this with The Arts Building in lower Gibsons. It is a perfect location offering cafes, local beaches to visit and grassy spots to rest.

Our time together will unfold like this:

Friday evening get togethers (with beverages)  – approx 2 hours
Saturday & Sunday 10am – 4pm class time with 1 hour lunch break
Pre class time and optional: yoga & guided walks (I’m a certified yoga teacher!)

Friday November 6th (evening only)
Saturday November 7th
Sunday November 8th

Friday November 13th (evening only)
Saturday November 14th
Sunday November 15th

I will provide basic materials for exercises and will send you a supply list at least a month before the workshop begins. We will work with acrylic and oils (if you desire).  I’m designing the course as a 2 weekend experience with a little optional homework in between. If you really want to join us but can only make it for one weekend, please reach out as there might be a way we can work it out.

Our 2 weekends together – $525 (includes GST)

Payments to be made to The Arts Building – SOLD OUT

Please reach out if you have any questions. Contact Marlene.