Work in Progress - Marlene Lowden

Work in Progress


This is a 60” x 60” blank canvas, or it was.
Questions.  How do I start?  Do I have an idea in my head, an image?
This canvas had no direction, no inspiration, no ideas.  I just started.  I needed to do.  In this case I pick up some payne’s gray and some orange and began working with big brushes and big movements.  I needed to paint because it had been awhile, I’m sure you can relate if there is something in your life that you love doing but it happens sporadically.  My husband has caught onto the effect that a blank canvas has on my psyche, therefore he doesn’t mind wandering the isles at Opus, he encourages it.Back to painting.Imperfect action is something I strive for when I paint.  Really, I do.  I want to capture energy, freedom, pure expression and that requires letting go.  I switch my brushes every few minutes, I mix my own colours quickly, often on the wet canvas, I paint with my left hand, purposely going the opposite direction that I’ve been working.  In the beginning stages, I flip the canvas around working from a different point of view.  I flick paint, splatter (everything), and love drips.   I do the happy dance over freakedly awesome “mistakes.”  I’ve even closed my eyes when I’ve felt stuck.
My resistance to painting comes when I know I have a time constraint.  And when I’m in the “zone” it is painful to leave early.  When I’m “there” it is freedom, it is timeless, it is joy, contentment, it is childlike, it is addicting.  Is that bad?  Not sure.  It certainly is not perfection, getting it right, being on target, controlled, or disciplined.  I react to what is there, I respond to what I see and not what I think I see or wanted to see in the first place.  I continue to work like this as much as possible – allowing the painting to unfold, ideas begin to generate about what colour to add or take away, what shapes are working for me and which ones are not.

Playful. Fearless. Freedom.Imperfect action.

So I’ll practice.  I’ll paint more, I’ll pick up the pen, return the call, press send, share how I feel, unroll my mat, walk out the front door, dance, make a multitude of mistakes, be vulnerable and share my work in progress with you.



“It’s all just an underpainting until it is done.”Marlene Lowden
930 Chamberlain Road Gibsons, B.C.

By Marlene Lowden

I'm an abstract artist and a down to earth yogi. I live on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada.

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