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Thank you

Thank you!

$1 from each book you purchased will support

 The Create Change Foundation!


When young girls living in Northern Ghana first shared their experiences with Shannen O’Brian, a Vancouverite living and working in Tamale, she decided that in order to create real change, she would need to build a charity that directly supported these girls. Today, Create Change supports over 1,000 girls every year through high school and university. Not only are these girls supported with school fees and supplies, but also with guidance and encouragement. In addition to their education, Create Change is also focused on empowering the girls to take leadership roles and to engage in meaningful careers. So far Create Change has produced dozens of nurses, teachers, and other professionals working to improve the situation in Northern Ghana.

Please join us in our efforts to create a new generation of female leaders who will lead us to a more equitable social and economic system.

Create Change Foundation Suite 654 – 999 Canada Place Vancouver, B.C., V6C 3E1 /

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