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Little did I know that experiencing 1 metre swells in an open boat, wearing life jackets from the 1960’s, would end up being a sweet life lesson.

Travel has that way of hitting you in the face with what truly are your most precious priorities and your greatest lessons to learn. My husband, Patrick and I just returned from a 3 week adventure in Nicaragua. The country is gorgeous with lush tropical forests, turquoise water and sandy beaches on the Caribbean side,…

Created on the Sunshine Coast BC Creative Play

Share Your Truth! – but what if you are not exactly sure what YOU want to say?

Speak Your Truth, Share Your Voice, Express Yourself! I agree, we need you and your message, more than anything right now. We need positive change. But what if YOU don’t know exactly what YOU want to say? Awkward. You know you are passionate about all sort of things, motivated to serve, to give and to…

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I get high will a little help from my …. social media friends.

The Beatles came to mind because I’m feeling very high on happy right now. Why?  I’ve participated in a number of social media “challenges” over the past few months.  I’ve created art daily on Instagram, posted artwork on Facebook, practiced yoga every day and right now, I’m involved in a self-care “event” on Instagram. Being accountable to others,…

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Do you ever feel like you learn more from those you are teaching?

On Sunday I had the opportunity to host a group of art enthusiasts at The Arts Building for Art & Yoga Workshops. We practiced some yoga, dabbled in some drawing exercises and pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones while exploring colour and paint. I’m amazed at the courage these people displayed and their willingness…