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Thrive Talk by Marlene Lowden – My personal artist story

Meet my teachers and hear my very personal story on becoming an artist. This is an audio recording (with slides) of my talk for Thrive on March 29th, 2017. Public speaking is pretty scary and sharing your personal story adds another layer of vulnerability. I want to thank the Thrive network for the invitation to…

Abstract paintings Thoughts on Painting

I’m thankful for me (my inside me that is)!

I know that sounds kind of pompous so I’ll explain. Up until a few years ago my most predominant self-talk was judgmental and pretty cruel.  I could hold space for everyone else.  I could find love and compassion for everyone else’s imperfections but not my own. The voice inside my head that spoke to me…

2015 Oil Paintings Abstract paintings Thoughts on Painting Yellow

What do you dream of?

I’ll tell you that I’ve dreamt about being a painter for as long as I can remember. I didn’t believe that I ever would be for almost as equally long. Thankfully something shifted. I can’t remember the circumstances. You would think it would have been a dramatic epiphany, but no. It could have been one…

2015 Oil Paintings Abstract paintings Thoughts on Painting

I’ve had this torrid love affair with painting.

In the early years, we broke up — several times, followed by intensely passionate make up sessions. It was guilt that held me back. Guilt that I should be doing something else and that my love was a waste of productive time. I should be working at something that paid an hourly wage. I should be spending…