Red intimidated me.

Red is such a powerful colour.  I know it might sound silly to be scared by a colour but it is so bold. For several years, I only used it as an accent, until my cousin sent me a vibrant photograph of a dahlia in his garden.  The flower was red, deep magenta, and hot pink with a lime green centre and it was backlit by aquamarine blue.  I was captivated.  His message – “here’s colour for you!”

Could I paint like that?  Could I move away from my comfort zone of my beloved soft greys, greens & blues?

Taking a risk is exhilarating!  I started work on a 5′ x 5′ canvas!  How energizing it! Research says that red stirs up passion, indeed! – (I’ve written more about the meaning of red here).

I created this painting called “magenta & the light” and I’m ever thankful to the inspiration that my cousin provided me because now I love painting with red and magenta and pink – bring on the energy!

magenta & the light - 60" x 60" - $3290- oil on canvas by Marlene Lowden (framed)
magenta & the light – 60″ x 60″ – $5000- oil on canvas by Marlene Lowden (framed)


Have a lovely day, hoping that you find inspiration today to take a risk – maybe being surrounded by red on Valentine’s Day will be the catalyst 🙂




FYI – Did you know that red can stimulate your appetite?  Chocolate anyone?  My local favourite – La Petite Souris – yum!  And if desire more artwork – take a peek here.



By Marlene Lowden

I'm an abstract artist and a down to earth yogi. I live on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada.

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