Process Creates the Meaning

I grew up on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, so to say that the forest and the ocean is influential in my work would be an understatement. However, I’m not content to replicate nature. I make a puzzle for myself to solve by bringing in not only crisp lines but colours, textures and shapes that don’t exist in the natural environment. The challenge is then for me to find a way to create unity that is aesthetically pleasing but not entirely comfortable. 

I have a hard time articulating why I’m drawn to cause such a struggle for myself. I think at the root of it all, the process of painting and solving the piece so that it feels harmonious acts like a metaphor; life is a series of conflicts and solutions. And it’s the process that creates the meaning.

Ultimately, I’m asking the viewer to participate in the resolution.

Please reach out if you would like details about any of the pieces in this series. Prices range from $1200 to $4200 CAD. International shipping is available.