No Brush Required – Episode 63
with Tamara Grand & Barbara Reade

All She Makes Directory

All She Makes Curated Directory

I’m delighted to be part of the All She Makes curated directory of international artists.

Create Magazine – Blog Post Oct 2021

I’m honoured to be included in this incredible list of talented artists.

See the entire list and article.

art girl rising t shirt

Art Girl Rising

Join Marlene and Liezel on a virtual Art Road Trip! As a metaphor, use these three one hour sessions as a long weekend road trip with your friend, colleague or family member. Together we will create art, learn about women artists, make new art discoveries and create meaningful connections when we need it most.

more by her

More by her

More by Her serves as a storytelling platform to highlight the creative journeys of womxn & non-binary people shaping culture. Here we feature people across the spectrum of creative backgrounds; give transparency on their upbringing, artistic influences, finances, future plans and more; ultimately we aim to reveal how they are able to be artists. We are dismantling the ‘starving artist’ stigma one story at a time and reminding others that they too can unleash their creative power.

Thrive Art Studio podcast with Marlene Lowden

Thrive Podcast

Tara’s guests are Erica Pang and Marlene Lowden. They are both THRIVE Members and Leaders and in this episode we have a mini THRIVE Mastermind meeting together! You’ll love this episode if you’re into yoga, journaling and getting a little “woo.”