Mural projects

Studio mural

I’m booking mural installations.  Please fill out this form to explore working together.

mural for Katherine Penfold

Murals are a perfect fit for your studio, office, fitness centre, retail store or restaurant. They create an attractive environment and a strong visual message about your brand. And of course, murals are eye catching on the street. Not only do they attract attention to your business, but they beautify the neighbourhood.

“Street art” is also making its way into the home.  Murals reflect your personality and are especially helpful in high traffic areas like hallways, playrooms, fitness rooms and media spaces. They won’t get knocked off the wall or fall on anyone and they can easily be touched up from time to time.

mural mock up Marlene Lowden

Working with me on a mural project will initially include:

  • On site meeting with you
  • Preliminary sketches & colour consultation
  • Budget & timeline
  • Contract