Online course: Painting with Confidence

How will it work online?

4 day class with 2 short evening get togethers on ZOOM. Don’t worry we won’t be on ZOOM the entire time but we will be busy creating for the 4 full days.

I’ve heard from past participants that they actually preferred working online because they enjoyed being in their own space with all their supplies around them!

The details:
  • We will meet on ZOOM (if you haven’t used it no worries, I will set you up)
  • You will need a computer or tablet with a screen that is large enough to see our faces and see any demos.
  • A good wifi connection is essential.
  • You will need a smart phone or tablet that takes photos so that we can share as we work.
  • An email account (and bonus, the ability to text for quick communication).
  • You will be in a group of 5 plus me
  • During free paint time we will be offline so that you can listen to music or just be in a quiet space. I will be available during those times if you need help.
  • I will also offer one on one time with everyone during the course so that we can meet up and check in.
  • I will offer weekend and weekday timeslots for the course.
  • We will be apart but we will get things done and have fun with the support of the group!

What supplies do you I need?

I will send you a supply list at least a month before the workshop begins. We will work with acrylic and oils (if you desire). I will also supply you with a tech requirement list and if you have any questions about it, we can meet ahead of time to make sure you are ready to rock!

Please reach out if you have any questions:
Contact Marlene.