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Painting with Confidence

Marlene Lowden in her studio

Foundations Course


When I’m painting, I sometimes feel that the freedom I have to choose colours, the subject and technique can actually be stifling, stop me from starting and make me constantly second guess my decisions! Does any of this sound familiar?

I have found it helpful to create some boundaries before I begin so that I can paint with more confidence. This structure actually gives me more freedom, does that make sense?

In this workshop, I’m going to share all my tips and tricks so that you can create your own personal reference guide to support your art practice. Having a foundation to lean on will give you greater confidence while you paint.

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Courses for Alumni

Once you have completed the 4 day Foundations course with me, please join me for more in depth courses about colour & composition.

New sessions in 2022 – TBA

Colour Course (2 days online)

Composition Course (2 days online)

Open Your Art Retreat

Due to the pandemic, we have not made plans for our annual art and yoga retreat in Spain. Please visit our website dedicated to the experience and reach out if you would like to be included on our waitlist.

Videos & Resources

5 Part Video Series

In partnership with Place des Arts, I created this 5 part series to introduce you to abstract painting. The first video is free and the remaining videos are offered for $24.

Art Girl Rising
Art Challenge

I’m excited to invite you for a virtual art adventure that I created in collaboration with Art Girl Rising!  

Blind Contour
Drawing Videos & more.

Free videos that I made on my iphone during the early days of the pandemic to help you focus on your creativity and there are more art related resources for you.

Outside your Lines - a chakra colouring book

Colouring Book

I published a colouring book called Outside Your Lines for the young at heart that introduces you to the principles of the chakras. No need to stay in the lines! $14.99 on Etsy.

Gibsons School Of Arts

My class with the Gibsons School of Arts for August 2021 is full. Please contact the school directly to add yourself to the waitlist.