Blue Painted Poems

When talking about abstract art, I often compare it to poetry. Like poets, us painters take the familiar and present it to you in a way that invites you to engage. In this series, I’m layering bits of shells, bark from trees and lines from the light on the ocean to share my reverence for the West Coast landscape. All of this comes together through my abstract (or poetic) heart.

ive been to sea by Marlene Lowden
“I’ve been to sea” by Marlene Lowden 30″ x 24″ $1100
Why this theme right now?

The famous french artist, Louise Bourgeois said  that her art is meant to “reveal a contradiction.” I am immersed in nature. The West Coast of Canada is enormous mountain ranges, immense trees and the vast Pacific ocean. I find it so interesting that I seek the forest trails and the beach to find solace yet I know that nature is absolutely chaotic. Minute fungi are bursting out of rotting tree trunks, animals are scurrying as prey or pouncing as predators, and large branches break creating holes in the forest canopy letting in too much sun for some and creating the perfect environment for others.

Nature can’t be controlled, tamed or confined. This body of work presents harmonious compositions made from sporadic parts; wood grain, barnacle patterns or lines on a leaves. It reveals the paradox that most humans actually find harmony in the chaos of the natural world and this connection must be cherished and protected.

Blue painted poems
Shells, bark, light on the ocean
Running through my veins

inside you will hear a sigh by Marlene Lowden
“Inside you will hear a sigh” oil on canvas by Marlene Lowden 30″ x 36″ $1600

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5% of proceeds from sales will be donated to the David Suzuki Foundation.

p.s. The titles are a nod to one of my favourite Canadian poets/songstress and a lover of the Sunshine Coast. Can you guess who?