BIG picture POV

I used to paint in a small room.  I would sit on an apple box, often up close to the canvas.  The most distance I would have between canvas and me was about 6′ if I leaned back on the counter behind me.
I loved my space.  It was mine. It was messy, warm and my husband installed great speakers so that I could fill the room with sound and sing along sometimes.I never had to clean it up.  I just would walk away, shut the door.  I could get lost in there.Me, the paint and the canvas.

However, sometimes I’d be too close.  There were times when I needed to stand back a little. Take a look from a different view or angle.  I paint in oil so moving wet pieces out into the rest of the house is not an option.

I’d take a photo.   It was an instant snapshot of my work.  As soon as I’d see the image on the small lcd screen, I’d see it differently.  It was simplified.  I could see the lights, the darks and the big shapes, the overall if you will.

adding colour
adding colour
My life is like this.  My lists of to do’s, commitments, busyness are all good, meaningful, rewarding, and often fun.  BUT, I can overwork it, get stuck in just one area, get tight, and forget about the whole.How to take a snapshot of my life?My Strategies – meditation, planning, day dreaming (yup), tapping into how I’m actually feeling (crazy, I know), spending the time to make timelines, going outside, trying something completely new, getting on my mat –

Then I can get back down into the process, open the door to my messy space and relax in the moment to moment, in the creation….

AND the most effective tool I’ve got, using GRATITUDE as my wide angle lens.

I know paint in a large studio and still take photos of my work – I swear that gratitude creates a big picture pov on life and is responsible for the bigger studio space and the opportunities to continue to share my passions.


“It’s all just an underpainting until it is done.”  Marlene Lowden
930 Chamberlain Road Gibsons, B.C.

By Marlene Lowden

I'm an abstract artist and a down to earth yogi. I live on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada.