Unity in Diversity

possibilities coming to light - part of the Unity series - oil on canvas $1350 by Marlene Lowden
the heart mind - 48" x 48" Commissioned for PowHERhouse - oil on canvas by Marlene Lowden

This series of work is about celebrating unity in diversity.  It is about recognizing unity within your own nature, in your intimate relationships, within your family, community, country and as part of humanity sharing this delicate biosphere.  It is about letting go of the idea that unity is somehow perfect, that it is circular and smooth.  It is about embracing the idea that unity is messy and dynamic.  Parts and pieces can stick out and be on the fringe.  Other bits can look and feel like complete opposites but they are all essential to create a wholeness that is inclusive and real.  I worked with contrasting colours, shapes, and diverse marks to try to convey these ideas.

This body of work was featured in a juried exhibit at the Ferry Building Gallery in West Vancouver, B.C. in September 2016.

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