Art Girl Rising Online Art Adventure with Marlene Lowden

Art Girl Rising Art Road Trip

I’m excited to invite you and a friend to join me for a virtual art adventure that I created in collaboration with Art Girl Rising!  

This is a great way to stay connected to people that you miss and spark your creativity.  We are using a road trip as a metaphor and we encourage you to grabs snacks and good tunes! It is designed to meet you where you are at, so while I hope it challenges practicing artists, it is truly meant for everyone to enjoy.

Art Girl Rising champions female artists and I’m so pleased to work with them on this project. If you are not aware of their work, please take the time to visit their website. This video supports an artist (that’s me), her crew and the amazing work of Art Girl Rising. It costs approximately $20 CAD / $15 USD.

We invite friends, colleagues or family members to join us for this three part series. Use a long weekend road trip with your BFF as a metaphor for this online art adventure. There are 3 parts, each part invites companions to work together and support each other to create art studies.

The exercises will push everyone a little out of their comfort zones and if they are practicing artists, out of their normal mediums. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner, this is for your too! We suggest that you and your art buddy do the exercises over the course of 3 days.

  • The art road trip is divided into three one hour guided video sessions
  • Supply list provided
  • Road trip playlist provided , no road trip is complete without great music!
  • If you want to participate but don’t have an art buddy, we can match you, simply leave us a comment in the text box at the check out

Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre – My Blind Contour Homage series and me sporting an Art Girl Rising T-Shirt!

For fellow Canadians, they even created a Canadian version of their popular T-Shirts!! Can you name 5 female artists?

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