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Yoga with Marlene

“Everyone has a dormant spark of divinity within

which is fanned into flames through yoga”

– B.K.S. Iyengar  


I’m not teaching public classes at the moment but I do sub teach on the Sunshine Coast from time to time.  If you are looking for yoga for an event or gathering, I’d be happy to help.


Yoga in the forestMy Teaching Style

I’m a Big Picture thinker balanced with a keen Eye for the Details.


I bring a light-hearted and creative approach to the practice of yoga. While the practice for me personally is deeply spiritual it is not at all serious, my sense of humour won’t allow for it.  Laughter and alignment is what to expect while working with me.  I’m a geek when it comes to the study of our anatomy, I find it fascinating and love the challenge of working with and through all our collective quirky imbalances and special requirements.  My creativity springs into action when I’m with a student who needs a modification or a challenge!

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I am blessed to be the student of Chris Chavez, one the world’s leading yoga teachers for teachers.  He stresses that we as teachers, need to find our own voice and teach from our own truths but his simple messaging is very powerful; we practice for freedom in the body, a calmer mind, and an opening in our hearts.


Yoga for Your Workshop?

Let’s work together to inspire others.  I can bring yoga (& creativity exercises) to your workshop, either at the beginning of your session to get the creative juices flowing, in the middle to release some tension in the body, or at the end to allow your students to relax, recharge, and absorb the work they have been involved in with you.  Let’s talk.