Unity in Diversity Artist Statement via video!


This is my artist’s statement about my new series of oil paintings called the Unity in Diversity series.  Less than a minute and perhaps, my more serious philosophical side.



If you’d rather read than watch – here’s a slightly longer version:

Unity in Diversity

It comes from the shadow and the light.

It comes through the torment of Orlando, Istanbul and Nice.

It comes from my inner dialogue about gender, race, religion and power.

And out of the magic and memories of our retreat in Spain.
It is from the jaw dropping beauty of the Rocky Mountains and the experience of hiking in alpine flower meadows. And inspired by the music of Peter Gabriel and Sting on stage together.

It even comes from an encounter with a Grizzly bear.

It is from the pure beauty of colour, a celebration of rainbows and the joy of creating from a place within – that I feel so blessed to access.

It is about letting go of the idea that unity is somehow perfect, that it is circular and smooth.

It is about acknowledging the contradictions of your wants, words and actions.

It is rocking a pinstripe suit and a tattoo.

It is about recognizing that conflict and difference need to exist – they are the seeds of innovation and creativity.

And that being Whole doesn’t mean you’ve got it all together.

Unity is messy and dynamic and it is ok if pieces stick out and bits hang out on the edge.

This is the celebration of unity in diversity within our own nature,
in our relationships, in our communities and in our shared humanity.




A few pieces from the series:


Do you ever feel like you learn more from those you are teaching?

yellow_1On Sunday I had the opportunity to host a group of art enthusiasts at The Arts Building for Art & Yoga Workshops.

We practiced some yoga, dabbled in some drawing exercises and pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones while exploring colour and paint.

I’m amazed at the courage these people displayed and their willingness to let go of the outcome and PLAY!

By the end of the day I felt tired but at the same time it seemed that every cell in my body was doing the happy dance – energized by the experience.

demoAnd yes, me, the teacher, learned so much in the process.

The Divine in me, bows deeply to the Divine in all of you,




Sorry you missed it?  While I can only host large groups from time to time, I’ve set up my home studio to offer private sessions.  If you are intrigued – follow this link.