Colour – what is your favourite?

Colour has such a profound impact on our lives.

I teach art workshops and often ask people to share their favourite colour.  Most people have a definitive answer and strong reasons why.

I’ve come to love all colours because I work with them almost everyday and I’ve become aware of their qualities and personalities; some subtle and some quite bold.

On each page I share some theory and fascinating facts behind the psychology of each hue.

Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci once wrote that meditation and prayer is ten times more powerful while sitting in the violet light shining through a stained glass window.


Colour board by Angela Rae Holistic Interior Design


I’m always drawn to these colour boards that designers create and constantly find inspiration from them.  This one was created by designer, Angela Rae of Angela Rae Holistic Interior Design.  I was so delighted when she asked if she could incorporate my painting, Lead with Your Heart!

B&W and Grey


And if you love to colour – I’ve created a colouring book from my designs and doodles – learn more – just follow this link.  Enjoy!