Mural projects

Indoor mural created for the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl 2018

Murals are hot right now!  They are a fresh way to reflect your company’s brand.  The popularity of street art and murals are on the rise all over the globe.

Over the past few years, retailers ranging from Adidas to Gucci have commissioned highly visible murals that are part ad, part art and powerful story tellers.

“When a consumer sees our walls, they think art first, ad second and are drawn into the brand message.”  Kelly Peppers, Colossal Media

Murals are a perfect fit for your office, fitness centre, retail store or restaurant. They create an attractive environment and a strong visual message about your brand. And of course, murals are eye catching on the street. Not only do they attract attention to your business, but they beautify the neighbourhood.

“Street art” is also making its way into the home.  Murals add original art that reflects your personality and are especially helpful in high traffic areas like hallways, playrooms, fitness rooms and media spaces. They won’t get knocked off the wall or fall on anyone and they can easily be touched up from time to time!

I’m currently booking 2019 mural installations.  I’m on the hunt for clients with large walls and even bigger imaginations who are willing to support my exploration of natural forms and lines.

Working with me on a mural project will initially include:

On site meeting with you
Preliminary sketches & colour consultation
Budget & timeline agreements
(FYI – The image above is a 8′ x 13′  – valued at $2000)


Some of the kind words that people shared about the project pictured:

“One of the most favourite pieces of the Crawl this year.”
“Very fine work.”
“Wow!! Gorgeous. Knew it was yours right away, great job translating your style to such a large space.”
“Love this! Stunning.”

To inquire about how a mural can enhance your space, please email me at


“It’s all coming from the same place, which is authenticity and craftsmanship and generally supporting the arts… that analogue human experience, which is missing in some instances these days in the digital world.”
Marcus Wainwright, Rag & Bone Chief Executive, Founder and Creative Director speaking about murals in their flagship stores