Blind Contour Homage Series

The desire to educate myself about the artwork and lives of Canadian women has developed into a series of homage paintings.

The series is called a Blind Contour Homage because I use blind contour drawing as the base of each piece. This style of drawing allows me to study each of the historical artworks closely and gives me the freedom to recreate them using my own mark making and gestures.

I’m captivated by each artist’s skill, dedication and their enduring and often rebellious artwork. Looking back, I can see their remarkable contribution to my identity as a Canadian, particularity a Canadian woman.

This series addresses the under representation of women in Canadian art history. The audience will come away with new knowledge, and Odjig, Clark, Pootoogook and Heward will be as familiar to them as Harris, Varley, Bush and Town. I also mean to inspire youth and feel that this series will be compelling for families and children.

I’m creating at least 16 paintings and plan to study women from several regions in the country and with diverse cultural heritages.



These images are works in the series that is still in progress.


Blind Contour Homage #1: Heward
Blind Contour Homage #2: Odjig
Blind Contour Homage #3: Carr
Blind Contour Homage #4: Bobak
Blind Contour Homage #5: Clark