Soul & Strategy Retreat - with Leah Goard, Painted Boat, Pender Harbour B.C.

Creativity for Your Business

Spark fresh ideas, encourage teamwork, and break down hierarchies in a way that’s playful and fun.

“Creative energy is one of our most precious resources.”
David & Tom Kelley, IDEO founders, Professor at Stanford & godfathers to Silicon Valley


I can help you build team moral and form safe environments for brainstorming and ideation.

I facilitate art (& yoga, optional) sessions that quickly encourage creative thinking, ease tension, get bodies moving and make people smile.

I have had the pleasure of leading workshops in schools, for community groups, charity organizations and within business conferences.



“You got nothing but rave reviews from everyone who took part.”
Opus Art Supplies, North Vancouver, Manager

“Marlene is a brilliant partner and collaborator for any business, body or soul event, workshop, corporate session or retreat that you are planning. She has been an integral part of the last five business and soul retreats that I have held over the past three years.  Marlene has created break out sessions that have combined yoga, movement, art based learning and practical exercises for participants to move outside of their traditional lines. And she always ensures that each participant can take the tools and techniques they have learned and integrate them into their lives. Marlene has an uncanny ability to read the dynamics of a room and cater to a wide audience knowing intuitively what the group and individual needs. Marlene is a dream to work with –  professional, extremely reliable, fun, caring with great attention to detail and I trust her implicitly.  I simply can’t recommend her enough!”
Leah Goard, DDA Academy