Doodling, colouring & drawing

Creativity is the ultimate problem solver. The next time you have an issue at the office, a dilemma at home or are simply feeling like you are in a bit of a slump, try tapping into your creative side.  Science proves that giving your analytical mind a break and allowing your mind to relax is one of the best ways to shift from confusion to clarity. However, it can be difficult to relax if you […]

Painting with an audience is like stepping up to the plate – all eyes are on your every move!

mark making at Opus

Painting with an audience is like stepping up to the plate – all eyes are on your every move! It is exhilarating, challenging AND very vulnerable! I’m so thankful to the staff of the North Vancouver Opus who welcomed me and helped me set up the demos that I hosted in the store. Waiting with my tea in hand and what seemed like a very BIG blank canvas was probably the hardest part.     […]

Have you ever experienced a win before you stepped on the field?

That’s how I was feeling before I boarded the plane to Spain last May. I was in Spain when I sent this note out, hosting our first Open Your Art Retreat with Marleen Vermeulen. I learned so much preparing for the adventure and I developed what I know will be life long friendships. To practice the art portion of our retreat, I asked my Dad, my cousins and a family friend to be my guinea […]

Share Your Truth! – but what if you are not exactly sure what YOU want to say?

Speak Your Truth, Share Your Voice, Express Yourself! I agree, we need you and your message, more than anything right now. We need positive change. But what if YOU don’t know exactly what YOU want to say? Awkward. You know you are passionate about all sort of things, motivated to serve, to give and to share but it all feels like a bit of a swirling mess and you can’t quite put your finger on […]