Blind Contour Drawing #10 – “Nude with poppies” 1916 Vanessa Bell Vanessa Bell was a pivotal player in British art as one of the earliest artists to work in abstraction in the UK. Bell was a painter, interior designer, a founding member of the controversial Bloomsbury Group and the elder sister of Virginia Woolf. She was educated at home as was customary, in languages, mathematics, history and drawing. She studied painting at the Royal Academy in 1901. After the deaths of her […]


Blind Contour Drawing #9 “Maman” Louise Bourgeois 1999 Louise Bourgeois was a French-American sculptor, painter, printmaker and pioneering installation artist. Her work was heavily influenced by traumatic events from her childhood, especially her father’s numerous affairs. She used objects such as spirals, spiders, cages, medical tools, and sewn appendages to symbolize the feminine psyche, beauty, and psychological pain. Her often sexually explicit subject matter and her focus on three-dimensional form were rare for women artists […]


Blind Contour Drawing #8 “Girl on a Hill “ Prudence Heward 1929 Despite the popularity of landscape painting during her lifetime, Prudence Heward was a Canadian painter primarily known for her figure painting of defiant women. She used bold and rich colours that challenged conventional representations of passivity and created portraits of complex, brooding and independent modern women. Many of her subjects returned the viewer’s gaze. She also painted nude subjects and one painting titled […]


Blind contour drawing #7 “Les Faucheurs” Natalia Goncharova 1907 Natalia Goncharova is one of the most highly regarded Russian painters of the 20th century. She was bold, confident and passionate about her country. Goncharova worked in various styles of the avant-garde movements of the early 20th century but what remained constant was the influence of traditional Russian folk art and icon painting. She came from a prosperous family of architects and spent much time of […]