Orange is a happy colour.

I love blue and because of my passion for blue, I use orange in so many of my paintings. Let me explain.  Orange is the complementary colour of blue, think about a sunset, the sky, the mountains, the water – blue and the glowing setting sun as it deepens in intensity as it dips below the horizon line. You can see the combination in many of my works here.

To make my blues sing, in a happy and inviting way, I use orange. Sometimes, if I know that I want to work with primarily blue, I will even paint my canvas with a vibrant orange under painting replacing the white before I begin with my blues.

I also love orange because it is the colour associated with the SACRAL (Swadhisthana) chakra.

Orange is the combination of the primary colours of red & yellow so it shares some of the same qualities – it stimulates and energizes us, and is warming.

Orange is a happy color.

It focuses our minds on issues of physical comfort – food, warmth, shelter – and sensuality. It is a ‘fun’ colour.  My bedroom is painted a deep warm (think warm spice) orange.


A few more thoughts on Orange:

Positive Meanings of Orange

  • Social, Gregarious
  • Jovial, Exuberant
  • Youthful, Cheerful
  • Adventurous, Daring
  • Energetic without Aggression
  • Creative, Constructive
  • Good Health
  • Exciting, Warm


Orange is the colour of fun and sociability and can be used in any activity area and creative areas.

Orange energizes and can be invigorating. It also often brings thoughts of citrus immediately to mind. Like Pavlov’s Dog, this stimulates appetite and improves the digestive system.

Buddhist monks wear Saffron Orange robes which are Yellow-Orange.


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