My perpetual “blue period.”

Unity in Diversity Series
Unity in Diversity Series

There was a time when I couldn’t paint without using some blue – come to think of it – I’m in a perpetual “blue period.”

I was raised by the ocean and have witnessed so many blues. The vibrant blue of a summer ocean when it is intertwined with the gold ripples from the sunrise, the soft grey blue of the heron, the slate blue of a stormy horizon line, and the bright blue of the mussel shells gripping the pylons during a low tide.

While green reminds me of home, blue is home. It is my emotional anchor.

Blue affects us mentally, rather than the physical reaction we have to red. Strong blues will stimulate clear thought and lighter, soft blues will calm the mind and aid concentration. Consequently it is serene and mentally calming. It is the colour of clear communication. Blue objects do not appear to be as close to us as red ones. Blue recedes optically and is psychologically associated with air, so lighter blues have a calming effect and can make a room appear more spacious.  The “experts” say that blue can be used in any room except those used for physical activity or play.

Blue is associated with the THROAT (vishuddha) Chakra and blue relates to self expression, speech and communication (one of the reasons my Mala is made of Lapis).

If you look closely at many of my blue paintings you will also see its complementary colour, orange. Orange brings out blue’s finest qualities. Blue is a primary colour along with red and yellow.



Some of blue’s lovely qualities:

The colour of Truth & Purpose

Evokes Loyality & Trust

Brings Peace & Serenity

It is an Intellectual colour & the colour of Reflection

Not surprisingly, the world’s favourite colour!

Positive Meanings of Blue

  • Spirituality, Faith
  • Calmness, Serenity
  • Void, Vastness
  • Cleanliness, Fresh Air
  • Unconscious, Subconscious
  • Calming, Contemplative
  • Contentment, Fidelity
  • Trust, Security
  • Intelligence, Confidence
  • Technology, Futurism
  • Success, Power

B&W and Grey