Artist Statement

“Painting is how I process life. I strive to convey an energy and emotion through my work that you will respond to and ultimately create your own interpretation of. I recognize that I’m deeply influenced by my environment. The West Coast of Canada is perched on the edge of the vast Pacific, smothered in dense rainforest and surrounded by row upon row of Coastal mountains. I find myself mimicking the nature that I’m immersed in. I rebel against order and precision linking my gestures and mark making to the beauty, chaos and wildly feminine qualities of nature. And while my initial inspiration for a painting can come from bits of poetry, music and world events the reoccurring themes of celebrating and redefining our notions of what is feminine always emerges. I don’t want to force or will a painting to a certain outcome. I try to let go of any preconceived ideas of the final piece and react to what is happening on the canvas. I move between right brain intuitive and left brain analytical when I work. I spend much time contemplating my paintings and often work on 3 or 4 at a time to allow myself time to pause and reflect. I am deeply involved in the process, the making of the art, for at the core, it is my deep reverence of creating that is truly the meaning behind all the work. “



Photo by Lindyn Williams