Artist Statement

I am deeply involved in the process of making art for, at the core, my deep reverence for creating provides the meaning behind all of my work.

This reverence extends to Canada’s West Coast, which has an enormous influence on my art. I live perched on the edge of the Pacific, smothered in dense rainforest and surrounded by row upon row of Coastal mountains. In this wild space, I rebel against ideas of order and exactitude, and I let go of preconceived ideas and react to what happens on the canvas.

With this reflective approach, I frequently discover feminine themes. The mark-making in my work convey energy and emotion, linking to the beauty, chaos, and wildly female qualities of nature. I strive for hand made gestures, celebrate imperfection and push past the boundaries of outdated social codes that equate femininity with neatness and prettiness. Painting is an act of liberation and I allow the process to ultimately define the work.



Photo by Lindyn Williams