Painting is how I process life. I strive to convey an energy and emotion through my work that you will respond to and ultimately create your own interpretation.

I think of my work as poetry. It is like bits and pieces of language that you must become involved with and converse with to find the meaning as opposed to prose which tells you the story.

I am concerned with aesthetics and drawn to beauty but I define beauty in art as something that is harmonious yet provocative. I almost repel anything that is orderly, neat, contained and pretty in my work. I strive for hand done marks, bold gestures because I embrace the messy imperfection of being human.

My inspiration for a painting comes from nature, from bits of poetry, colour, forms that I’ve experienced, world events and primarily the deep joy and suffering of living.  Trying hard to let go of my initial inspiration, I react to what is happening on the canvas. I dance between my right brain intuitive side and my left brain analytical side when I work. I spend much time contemplating my paintings and often work on 3 or 4 at a time to allow myself time away from the work to see it with a fresh perspective. I am constantly in awe of the infinite possibilities of the simple materials I work with – canvas, oil paint, brushes & colour.

I don’t want to force or will a painting to a certain outcome. I am deeply involved in the process, the making of the art, for at the core, it is my deep reverence of painting that is truly the meaning behind all the work.


“… the meaning is inseparable from the way it is said.” Joan Mitchell



Please explore a series that intrigues you.



I am an abstract expressionist and I’m greatly influenced by many of the mid century painters from that movement like –

Joan Mitchell, Mark Tobey, Marc Chagall, Richard Diebenkorn, the Canadian group called Painters 11 (known as the wild ones), Nicolas de Stael, Helen Frankenthaler, Franz Kline, Cy Twombly.

I’m self taught and have a voracious appetite for learning. Not only do I study their work but their lives and what drove them to express themselves the way they did.

I have many contemporary heros too.  I follow them on instagram and pin their work so that I can revisit and watch their work evolve.  If you are curious about process, I often post my work in progress on instagram and facebook.  People are kind enough to give me feedback, help me with titles and I am grateful for their support.


If you would like to view a painting, please contact me, I’d be happy to host you at my studio, here on the Sunshine Coast.  You can learn more about purchasing my work directly from me by following this link.


I also have the pleasure of showing my work with Herold Fine Art in Dallas, Texas. 



“Everyone who sees your paintings loves them and asks about you!  Just wanted you to know.  And of course they both bring me joy EVERY DAY.  I am looking at Ponder as I write this and it always makes me feels both peaceful and inspired…and also energized somehow. “

Christine, Ottawa