• Abstract paintings
  • Painting with an audience is like stepping up to the plate – all eyes are on your every move!

    mark making at Opus

    Painting with an audience is like stepping up to the plate – all eyes are on your every move! It is exhilarating, challenging AND very vulnerable! I’m so thankful to the staff of the North Vancouver Opus who welcomed me and helped me set up the demos that I hosted in the store. Waiting with my tea in hand and what seemed like a very BIG blank canvas was probably the hardest part.     […]

  • Thoughts on being human
  • Little did I know that experiencing 1 metre swells in an open boat, wearing life jackets from the 1960’s, would end up being a sweet life lesson.


    Travel has that way of hitting you in the face with what truly are your most precious priorities and your greatest lessons to learn. My husband, Patrick and I just returned from a 3 week adventure in Nicaragua. The country is gorgeous with lush tropical forests, turquoise water and sandy beaches on the Caribbean side, matched in beauty by impressive volcanoes and warm surf on the Pacific. However, evidence of 30 years of revolution is […]

  • Abstract paintings
  • Unity in Diversity Artist Statement via video!


      This is my artist’s statement about my new series of oil paintings called the Unity in Diversity series.  Less than a minute and perhaps, my more serious philosophical side.     If you’d rather read than watch – here’s a slightly longer version: Unity in Diversity It comes from the shadow and the light. It comes through the torment of Orlando, Istanbul and Nice. It comes from my inner dialogue about gender, race, religion […]

  • Abstract paintings
  • I’m thankful for me (my inside me that is)!


    I know that sounds kind of pompous so I’ll explain. Up until a few years ago my most predominant self-talk to was judgmental and pretty cruel.  I could hold space for everyone else.  I could find love and compassion for everyone else’s imperfections but not my own. The voice inside my head that spoke to me was a real bitch.  She constantly reminded me that I was not good enough, that I didn’t measure up […]