Dear Diary 72" x 48" oil on canvas $4800 by Marlene Lowden
Dear Diary 72″ x 48″ oil on canvas $4800 by Marlene Lowden
I am passionate and practically driven to paint but I’ve got it under control.
I love to paint with music and much of the time I’m dancing while I work.  Pure joy, even during the resistance.

My faith that the process creates the meaning frees me.  I celebrate the final outcome but I’m not attached to it while I work.

It is imperative that our freedom to express ourselves (as Canadians) never be taken for granted.  So I express freely.

Paintings are consciousness manifested with the intention to connect us in a way that words or language can’t.  This is why it can feel so magical when you look at paintings and why I’m compelled to paint.

I’m honoured that you’ve taken the time to visit.  I hope we can connect.

I’m an artist who believes that you are too.  We have a vast array of mediums to express with – what is yours?













Marlene Lowden

This is a listings of my current & upcoming shows.  It would be fabulous to meet in person.   If you would like to visit or come paint with me, please send me a note.

Thank you for exploring,





“Everyone who sees your paintings loves them and asks about you!  Just wanted you to know.  And of course they both bring me joy EVERY DAY.  I am looking at Ponder as I write this and it always makes me feels both peaceful and inspired…and also energized somehow. “

Christine, Ottawa