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  • Female artists to be inspired by …

    This list is a result of one simple question asked in the Thrive Network – Who is a female artist you are inspired by?   This list is amazing and it keeps growing.  I thought I knew my art history but apparently not.  This list is full of contemporary artists who are working right now and producing work too!  Where possible, I’ve linked to their site and otherwise to a wiki entry so that you can […]

  • Thoughts on being human
  • Thrive Talk by Marlene Lowden – My personal artist story

    Marlene Lowden Thrive Talk

    Meet my teachers and hear my very personal story on becoming an artist. This is an audio recording (with slides) of my talk for Thrive on March 29th, 2017. Public speaking is pretty scary and sharing your personal story adds another layer of vulnerability. I want to thank the Thrive network for the invitation to speak because I learned so much about myself in the process.  It was an incredibly supportive audience and I recommend […]

  • Abstract paintings
  • Painting with an audience is like stepping up to the plate – all eyes are on your every move!

    mark making at Opus

    Painting with an audience is like stepping up to the plate – all eyes are on your every move! It is exhilarating, challenging AND very vulnerable! I’m so thankful to the staff of the North Vancouver Opus who welcomed me and helped me set up the demos that I hosted in the store. Waiting with my tea in hand and what seemed like a very BIG blank canvas was probably the hardest part.     […]

  • Thoughts on being human
  • Little did I know that experiencing 1 metre swells in an open boat, wearing life jackets from the 1960’s, would end up being a sweet life lesson.


    Travel has that way of hitting you in the face with what truly are your most precious priorities and your greatest lessons to learn. My husband, Patrick and I just returned from a 3 week adventure in Nicaragua. The country is gorgeous with lush tropical forests, turquoise water and sandy beaches on the Caribbean side, matched in beauty by impressive volcanoes and warm surf on the Pacific. However, evidence of 30 years of revolution is […]